The Latest Update from August 22, 2018

The Smoky Mountain District has been awarded a Duke Endowment Grant to address the growing child poverty crisis. Swain County and the Canton C4C group will be participating in this initiative to assure that all children are kindergarten ready and reading proficient by the end of the third grade. This community effort will be based on churches becoming the prophetic voice on behalf of children impacted by poverty.

Please consider whether you are being called to be a part of God’s response to child poverty in Swain County. Our church can create a community response that will affect children’s lives forever. If not us, then who?

If you are interested in learning more about this effort, please let Wayner or Linda Dills know.

There are many ways to get involved with Congregations for Children (C4C) ministries in Swain County. Please prayerfully consider whether God may be calling you to volunteer.

For Individuals

  • Be a Prayer Warrior for C4C and Swain County students, families and school system
  • Become a Reading Buddyfor third grade students 2 days per week for approximately 2 hours per day
    • The program will begin August 23.
    • A background check and approval by the Swain County Board of Education is required.
    • See Linda Dills for an application to serve.
  • Grade papers, cut/laminate, make copies, stuff students’ planners, etc.
  • Assist students during lunch.
  • Greet students as they arrive by bus or car (7:15 – 8:00 am).
    • Volunteers are accepted at any time during the school year.
    • A background check and approval by the Swain County Board of Education is required.
    • See Linda Dills for an application to serve
  • Adopt-a-Student: Provide classroom supplies, school pictures, field trip money, etc.
    • Volunteers are accepted at any time during the school year.
    • Background checks and not required if you do not plan to become personally involved with the student.
  • Serve as a proctor for End-of-Grade/End-of-Course tests. Background checks and school board approval are required.

For Individuals OR Church Groups (UMW, UMM, Sunday school Classes, etc.)

  • Purchase books for K-3 children to have a book.
  • Adopt-a-Classroom: Provide classroom supplies, snacks, materials for student projects
  • Provide scholarships for students to take dance, music lessons, attends camps, afterschool, etc.
  • Provide agape gifts for faculty and staff (refreshments, appreciation notes, etc.)
  • Sponsor a beginning teacher by providing encouragement, purchasing classroom resources, etc.
  • Talk with students about career preparation (share your career, education/training required, etc.)
  • Assist with STEM activities (Provide materials for Maker Spaces, assist with robotics clubs, etc.)

For Our Church

  • Our church adopted Swain East Elementary School. Last year we provided supplies for their Maker Space.  This year we will continue to assist with projects.  Stay tuned for more information.
  • We did not participate in the summer meal project this summer, but this is an area where we could make a tremendous difference by delivering and distributing lunches provided by the school system to children who are unable to get to one of the schools for lunch. Please consider whether this is something you might feel led to do.
  • We have not made an effort to engage students and families at our church. One possibility is to have students ride the bus from school to our fellowship hall for a time of food and fellowship one day per month.  If you interested in exploring this option, please see one of the people listed below.


Please prayerfully consider helping with one or more of these opportunities.  Contact for more information:
Linda Dills   [email protected]   488-3096 or 341-5469
Evan Clapsaddle  [email protected]  828-508-0792