This December, Pastor Wayner will be sharing a message of hope each Sunday based on the Heaven and Earth: Advent and the Incarnation series by Will Willimon.

During this season we are waiting. We wait in all kinds of ways and we have all kinds of work to do. And yet we are anticipating. We anticipate the one coming who will bring healing and new life into the world. It is the one who will bring God into the world: Emmanuel. This is not the season to solve all our problems—we wait on the one who saves—but it is the time to become signs pointing toward the one who comes in the name of the Lord.

December 3: Meanwhile

Mark 13:24-37

While we live with God in the time between Jesus’s Advents, we don’t wait with nothing to do. Jesus calls us to alertness—a different standard than “solution” or “resolution” to all that ails us and the world.

December 10: Surprised

Mark 1:4-8

If the good news of Jesus’s incarnation and God’s coming to be with us is truly good, it has to be news—a surprising interruption into our expectations for who God is and what we are called to become.

December 17: Light

John 1:6-8

Advent is the story of God coming to us. Instead of “you come to me,” God says decisively, “I’m coming to you.” So those who share in this story, who teach and preach it as good news, must be those who say, “We’re coming to you.”

Christmas Eve: Rejoice!

Luke 1:26-56

In a world saturated with bad news, we carry good news. But in our haste to be prophetic, challenging, and stunning, we can forget that it’s not enough to diagnose what’s wrong. The good news we have is not of our own devising, but a joy that comes from who God is, what God’s up to, and with whom.