Sunday, February 11, 2018

2:00 – 4:30 PM

First Sylva UMC

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Greetings Bryson City Church Leadership Team,

Pastor Wayner invites you to participate in the Leadership Empowerment Event on Sunday, February 11, from 2:00-4:30pm at First Sylva UMC.  This event is open to everyone in the Smoky Mountain District, laity and clergy, serving in any type of leadership capacity as well as those who have expressed ideas or a desire to know more about ways to serve their church in ministry and mission.

This will be a time for our church leaders to be able to gather with other church leaders to participate in an empowering Lay and Clergy event through practical training, interactive discussion and best practices.

This event is being offered in response to requests raised for an intentional time of training for lay leadership and those who are potential leaders.  We have also heard the desire to be in conversation with other churches in our district regarding best practices and sharing ideas.

While similar to previous district leadership training, this event is focused solely on how to empower leadership in our local churches.  To accomplish this, two rounds of workshops will be offered so that participants can each choose to attend trainings that best answer their needs.  The workshops offered are:

Session A Workshops: 2:30-3:20 p.m.

Starting New Faith Communities with Fresh Expressions
Led By: Luke Edwards, Pastor King Street Church and Conference Coordinator for Fresh Expressions
Would you like to be able to share your faith with folks in your community? Is your church ready to connect with people who would never set foot in your sanctuary on Sunday morning? The Fresh Expressions Movement can give you the tools to do just that. Fresh Expressions of church are Christian communities that start in places where people are already gathering and in ways that they are already gathering. They start around common interests like food, hiking, or social justice, and gradually introduce opportunities for discipleship. Join us to learn the basics of how to start a Fresh Expression in your community.

Serving on the Finance Committee
Led By: Mark King, Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services
What are the best practices of local church committees on finance to advance the mission of the church most effectively? And what are the pitfalls to avoid? Topics will include audits, committee membership, committee responsibilities, budget forecasting and preparation, and understanding apportionments.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Board of Trustees
Led By: David Reeves, Pastor Cullowhee UMC and Church Building and Location and Trustees Chair for The Smoky Mountain District
This workshop will look at the work of the Board of Trustees and their calling to maintain and utilize church property for the good of the Kingdom and community.  Topics covered include: Basic responsibilities (What the Discipline says we do); Dividing up the work; Offering the building as outreach to the community; Matching individual Trustees to their strengths; Caring for a parsonage; Liability management and Safe Sanctuary; and Becoming more “green” (using our energy wisely). We will also discuss how to accomplish this in a multi-point charge.

Serving on The Pastor Parish Relations Committee
Led By: Randy Harry, District Superintendent Smoky Mountain District and Kathy O’Dell, Conference Director of Human Resources
A strong and effective pastor will almost always mean a stronger and more effective church. The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (PPRC) plays a key role in helping the pastor to be as strong and effective as possible in serving the congregation and acting as the glue between them. This workshop will include a “How To” presentation on the many responsibilities of the PPRC which will benefit newcomers to the committee as well as seasoned members. Tips will also be shared on how the PPRC can maximize its positive impact on the pastor and, thus, the church.

The Role of Lay Leader for the Church
Led By: Sue Jones, Smoky Mountain District Lay Leader
This workshop is designed to explore the responsibilities of local church Lay Leaders to better equip them in the work of empowering the laity in their church. We will discuss channels of communication and resources available within the District and our Conference to lead our churches to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our communities and world.

Session B Workshops: 3:30-4:25 p.m.

Starting New Faith Communities with Fresh Expressions
Led By: Luke Edwards, Pastor King Street Church and Conference Coordinator for Fresh Expressions
Workshop Description same as listed for SESSION A

Outward Focused Congregations: Mission That Engages the Community
Led By: Paul Brown, Pastor Canton Central UMC and Allison Spruill, Minister of Discipleship, Canton Central UMC
Our mission to transform the world begins in each of our communities. This workshop will focus on engaging your congregation with its unique community by casting a vision, forging partnerships, and building relationships with people you serve. As part of the discussion, we will pay particular attention to the connection between churches and schools, and how United Methodists can work with Congregations 4 Children to fight generational poverty.

Developing a Ministry of Stewardship
Led By: A. J. Thomas, WNCC Elder and Founder of Joyful Giving Group
What comes to mind when you hear the word, “stewardship?” Pledge campaign? Guilt? Hitting people up for money? Meeting the budget? An unpleasant, but necessary task? Can you imagine thinking things like “fun,” “joyful,” “privilege,” instead? In this workshop we will see how this shift is not only possible, but essential to reclaiming a deeper and more robust expression of Biblical generosity. We know how stewardship is ministry to the recipients and beneficiaries of our gifts. We’ll see how giving is ministry to the giver as well.

Serving on The Staff Parish Relations Committee
Led By: Randy Harry and Kathy O’Dell
As is true of the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, in medium to large churches where there are paid staff members in addition to the pastor(s), the Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) plays a key role in maximizing the effectiveness of the pastor(s) as well as other staff members, resulting in a strong church. With that aim in mind, this workshop (intended as an alternative to the similar workshop on PPRC’s, not as a second part) will offer a “How To” presentation on the various responsibilities of the SPRC, with particular attention to tasks that differ from those of the PPRC. Useful suggestions will also be made as to how the SPRC can be most fruitful in supporting the pastor(s) and other staff members.

Starting and Growing Small Groups
Led By: Sherrie Schork, Church Vitality Strategist Smoky Mountain District

What does it mean for the church to grow small groups, especially with the variety of names, models, and needs that describe this ministry today? How do we form small groups to be a place where God’s grace is encountered through authentic relationships of Christian community that lead to transforming discipleship? This workshop will address these questions and more as we look at the four main characteristics needed for any small group to be  Spirit-driven, life-giving experiences.

Navigating Clergy Compensation Tax Issues
Led By: Mark King, Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services
Clergy compensation issues are a challenge, especially given that for tax purposes, clergy are among the most uniquely treated in the Internal Revenue Code. This workshop will briefly review specific issues related to clergy compensation (housing allowances, parsonages, pensions, etc.) and related taxation. In addition to clergy, this workshop is helpful for those serving on the Finance Committee, PPRC, or SPRC.

If you have questions please ask Pastor Wayner. We will register you and are looking at providing transportation and lunch before the event.

Thanks again for your service to our congregation and community so that all might have the opportunity to experience God’s love.

Blessings, Pastor Wayner

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